Scripting the Meaning: The Influence of Brand Name Script on Brand Meaning and Brand Attitude
ASIA MARKETING JOURNAL | 한국마케팅학회 | 17 pages| 2023.08.14| 파일형태 :
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The present study examines the role of the script used for the graphical representation of a brand name in creating brand meaning. The study results demonstrate that each script contributes to forming different aspects of the brand meaning in multi-script environments. However, the process of meaning transfer is also influenced by the context of the product category, which can impact some of the aspects of meaning related to norms and familiarity. Furthermore, the study indicates that if the brand meaning aligns with the product category schema, it positively impacts brand attitude. This study adds to the branding literature by introducing the script concept as a brand name characteristic and demonstrating its significant effect on brand meaning.
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