The Impact of Conspicuous Consumption and Perceived Value on New Product Adoption Intention
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Unidimensional construct of conspicuous consumption which focuses on the ostentation of the economic assets are limited in describing today’s consumers. We propose that both ostentation of social status and demonstration of uniqueness through overt consumption should be considered in the realm of conspicuous consumption. This research aims to examine the two dimensions of conspicuous consumption tendencies and their impact on new product adoption intention, which is mediated through the perceived value of the new products. This research empirically validates the theoretical conjecture by conducting an online survey (N=272). Our empirical findings reveal that ostentation of social status influences new product adoption intention both directly and indirectly through perceived social value, while demonstration of uniqueness improves new product adoption intention only indirectly through perceived utilitarian and hedonic value. This research identifies the ostentation of social status and demonstration of uniqueness as two dimensions of conspicuous consumption and refines scales to measure them. In addition, this research identifies conspicuous consumption as a driver of new product adoption intention and recognizes the mediating role of perceived value.

Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Conceptual Background
Ⅲ. Model Development & Hypotheses
Ⅳ. Methodology
Ⅴ. Estimation Results
Ⅵ. General Discussion
Conspicuous Consumption Ostentation of Social Status Demonstration of Uniqueness Perceived Value New Product Adoption Intention
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