A Socio-Behavioral Approach to Understanding the Spread of Disinformation
Asian Communication Research | 한국언론학회 | 20 pages| 2022.07.29| 파일형태 :
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Although the development of digital technology has increased communication efficiency, confusion caused by the rapid circulation of misleading information is hindering the sustainable development of modern society. Therefore, scholars have recently begun to pay attention to understanding the behavior of the public concerned with disinformation spread. In this context, the present paper attempts to provide a theoretical insight into the public’s motivations to spread disinformation and how these interact with socio-institutional variables, such as trust in government and media literacy, in the process of disinformation spread. Based on the evaluation of the traditional and modern literature on different types of information sharing behaviors as well as the key factors that are unique to the context of disinformation spread, we propose a conceptual framework of the socio-behavioral mechanism underlying the public’s communication of disinformation from the perceptual to communication level. Lastly, we suggest adequate government interventions based on the framework and a new culture that our society should endorse to be protected against the risk of disinformation. The current research will provide a foundation for the further development of human-centered solutions in the field.
What is Disinformation?
Psychological Motivations underlying Disinformation Spread: Insights from Literature on Rumors and Word-of-Mouth
A General Conceptual Framework: The Psychosocial Process of the Spread of Disinformation
Government Interventions to Tackle Disinformation Spread
#disinformation #information behavior #rumor #motivation to spread disinformation #word-of-mouth #trust in government #media literacy
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