How Do We Accept YouTube Channels? An Analysis of Sequential Acceptance of a Shared Platform
Asian Communication Research | 한국언론학회 | 22 pages| 2022.09.13| 파일형태 :
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With the unprecedented growth of YouTube in the South Korean video market, this study aims to understand its exponential expansion of users by investigating the network effects of YouTube as a shared platform. To this end, we propose a new acceptance model where two discrete intentions (to subscribe to and share YouTube channels) were designated within the same phase and named sequential acceptance. For an analysis of the new model, the study conducted an online survey, due to Covid-19 circumstances, on generation Z YouTube users for a month in April 2021 and found 377 valid data. We used PLS-SEM for the model assessment and revealed meaningful explanatory power of sequential acceptance. To be specific, subscription intention plays an anchor point engendering a significant influence on sharing intention in that perceived values revealed mediating effects through subscription intention, validating the sequential acceptance. The value of this study is that our multi-layered intentions explain the user’s acceptance in-depth compared to existing studies and that our model can be a transformative foundation for future platform and acceptance studies by applying them in a different context. The study then recommends a series of actions to improve research and marketing strategy on a shared platform.
YouTube shared platform acceptance model sequential acceptance YouTube channels PLS-SEM
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