Skyhooks, Cranes, and the Construct Dump: A Comment on and Extension of Boster (2023)
Asian Communication Research | 한국언론학회 | 11 pages| 2023.09.04| 파일형태 :
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This commentary responds to Frank J. Boster"s essay titled "Too many? Too few? Just right? Construct proliferation and need for a construct dump," which recently appeared in Asian Communication Research. The authors agree with Boster"s call to reassess constructs in communication research and present additional evaluation criteria. In particular, the commentary emphasizes the importance of multilevel explanations and proposes a distinction between constructs that provide empty explanations (skyhooks) and constructs that provide grounded explanations (cranes). By incorporating behavioral and biological measures alongside psychometric remedies, the communication research community can strengthen construct validity and advance the field"s explanatory power.
Robust Explanations Require Multiple Levels
Single-Level Explanations and the Risk of Skyhook Explanations
Measurement Guides The Way To The Construct Dump
Summary and Conclusions
#construct#construct validity#measurement#neuroimaging#behavior
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