Understanding the Continuance Intention to Use Chatbot Services
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Consumer neuroscience methods have become prevalent in marketing research. Despite their proven significance, very little marketing research has addressed their applications in Asia. Thus, this review aims to introduce practical integrations with consumer neuroscience and marketing research and how they can be carefully applied to these fields, with some identified caveats. Specifically, I review the recent literature from top marketing and science journals to (1) highlight substantial applications of updated neuroscientific methods to marketing research and neuroforecasting approaches, (2) discuss the additional potential of computational models in these applications, and (3) offer a simple framework that adopts a multi-method approach intended to enhance both the external and ecological validity of neuroscientific findings. Along with the need for embracing scientific rigor and marketing theory, more guidelines are also needed to improve the validity issues of neuroimaging uses and highlight practical directions in the nascent field of consumer neuroscience.
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